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Dr. Itishree Pradhan , DENTAL Doctor in Bangalore



BANGALORE, Bangalore

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Dr Itishree Pradhan is a senior consultant and clinical in-charge of department of Dental sciences Fortis hospital, Bannerghatta Road Bangalore. She has been in dental practice since 1998 and has been associated with the hospital practicing general dentistry since 2006. With an experience of about 15 years, her field of expertise includes Aesthetic dentistry -Smile correction & makeover - Preventive & restorative dentistry - Dental pain management - Preventive oral health care - Oral Cancer awareness, prevention & cure - Endodontics (Root Canal treatment) - General dentistry which includes filling, cleaning, bleaching, teeth extraction etc. Dr Pradhan has also served as a senior lecturer and clinical-in charge in Department of oral surgery & Department of Prosthodontics. She has conducted clinical viva voice and supervised Gulbarga university examinations. She carries with her a post graduate diploma degree in Clinical Research and trials in association with Cranfield University UK. She is an eminent member of SCOPE-Cancer awareness programme, participates in awareness, screening, and treatment camps. She is a visiting panel dentist with Lions Club India & Rotary Club India. Dr Itishree Pradhan is known for, her magical hand ethical practice and patience With her easy demeanor, she makes any complicated dental procedure pleasant and effortless thus winning the hearts of all national and international patients.

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Query : Suggest me treatment for Histoplasmosis.
Posted By: Male43, SirsaIndia
Reply: Dear Sir, Histoplasmosis is caused by a fungus called Histoplasma, mainly affecting the lungs but may spread to other parts of body in severe cases. Depending on the sev...
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16 36 Mins Ago
Query : My daughter is suffering from psychosis, please help
Posted By: Female22, LucknowIndia
Reply: Dear Sir, Your daughter is presently having the manic and depressive symptoms of bipolar disorder. There are several factors that can be responsible for it, like genetic...
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23 43 Mins Ago
Query : What is the treatment for allergic fungal sinusitis?
Posted By: Male35, NamakkalIndia
Reply: Dear Sir, Fungal infections, anywhere in the body, are chronic in nature and take long duration of treatment to get cured. The treatment options in your case include avo...
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43 1 Day Ago
Query : Suggest about RIRS treatment at Thane.
Posted By: Male49, ThaneIndia
Reply: Dear Sir, RIRS (Retrograde intra renal surgery) is a minimally invasive procedure done for the removal of kidney stones. It is performed using a tube (known as fiberop...
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47 1 Day Ago
Query : Need opinion for test and medication related to STIs.
Posted By: Male36, GuwahatiIndia
Reply: Dear Sir, Some of the common STD’s include Chlamydia, Syphilis, Genital Herpes, Hepatitis C/B,HIV, Trichomoniasis, HPV, etc. There is no specific time when you can get t...
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58 2 Day Ago
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