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Adnexal mass/tumor
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About Adnexal mass/tumor


This refers to a pelvic mass or tumor developing in the area connecting to the uterus, i.e. fallopian tube, ovaries and broad ligament. Women of all ages can develop adnexal masses and may be discovered due to symptoms or incidentally from a physical exam, radiologic imaging or surgery. These masses can be cancerous or non-cancerous, therefore require a proper evaluation.



In premenopausal women, physiologic follicular cysts and corpus luteum cysts are the most common adnexal masses, besides the possibility of ectopic pregnancy. Other masses in this age group include endometriomas, polycystic ovaries, tubo-ovarian abscesses, hydrosalpinx and benign neoplasms.

Malignant neoplasms are uncommon in younger women but become more frequent with increasing age. In postmenopausal women with adnexal masses, both primary and secondary neoplasms must be considered, along with leiomyomas, ovarian fibromas, etc.


Patients are often asymptomatic. Those who have symptoms may present with:

  • • Urinary frequency
  • • Pelvic or abdominal pressure
  • • Bowel habit changes
  • • Abdominal pain


- History
- Physical examination
- Pap Smear
- Ultrasonography-transabdominal or transvaginal
- CT scan-pelvis
- Complete blood count
- Serum β HCG
- Serum Tumor markers


Depending on the cause, the treatment options include:
- Asymptomatic, small, well-characterized adnexal masses may be observed with regular pelvic examinations and radiologic evaluations.
- Medication-hormone therapy
- Surgery to remove the mass/organ

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